Morning Glory

It was 5 am on a summer morning, and he began to stir as the warmth of the early sunshine began to encroach over duvet.

He stretched out his arms and legs, simultaneously yawning and opening his eyes for the first time. As he stretched, he became aware that part of his body had already woken up and was ready for action.

He looks to his right and sees the silhouette of her body, her bare, braless back and long flowing hair. He plants soft kisses on her back as she pretends she is still fast asleep but can feel every little caress of his lips against her smooth, soft skin.

He turns her onto her side with a firm grip of her hips and suggestively kisses her neck whilst pressing his warm torso against hers. She feels more than just his hands on her sides, as his throbbing member presses hard against her backside.

Good morning, he whispers in her ear, the pretence of her sleeping beauty state no longer convincing, especially as she reacts to the feeling of him throbbing against her with a slight moan.

His big, firm hands explore the shape of her body, running all the way up her sides, starting with her hip bone, pulling her more firmly against his erection, before working his way up her hour glass figure to her rib cage. His hands drift to her bare breasts. At first, his touch is very soft and gentle, tracing her nipples with the tips of his fingers until they are standing to attention, and then he squeezes more firmly, causing her to groan louder.

He nibbles ligthly on her earlobes and whispers he wants her. He thrusts his hips so his penis presses firmly against her crotch, separated only by their underwear.

He runs his hands back down her body and underneath the elastic of her underwear, stroking her pubic mound as he works his way to her engorged lips.

As he parts her open with his fingers, she exhails a gasp of excitement. He can feel how wet her vagina is as he slides two fingers inside her before using her own natural lubrication to enhance the sensation of his fingers circling her clitoris. He feels the shaft of her clit through her hood and forms a pincer movement, applying gentle pressure from either side of her clit. She arches backwards in order to show her approvals of the sensations he is giving her and to encourage him to continue.

He places his other arm underneath her and across her breasts like a seatbelt, trapping her torso close to him. She feels the power of his abs. She knows that even if she wanted to, she couldn’t escape his grip should he choose to force her into submission.

She feels the blood flowing to her genitals. Her labia swell and her body prepares for that thick throbbing penis to penetrate her tight wet lips.

He almost rips her underwear off her body and she reaches back to his boxers to release his hard on from the entrapment of the material. She parts her legs and presses back against him, creating the perfect angle for him to penetrate her deeply.

His cock is oozing with pre-cum and she is soaking wet as he glides inside her and grabs her hips to get maximum leverage to thrust hard.

The feeling of him filling her drives her crazy. She groans louder and louder with every deep thrust. He’s like a wild animal posessing her body and the thrusts become almost violent with their velocity and vigour. His head rests against her neck and he presses his lips against her, she feels every breath against her skin. He begins to moan and she feels surges of pleasure with every thrust putting pressure on her g-spot. He presses firmly against her breasts as they both feel their bodies getting closer and closer to climax. Her vagina begins contracting around his cock as she orgasms hard, which takes him over the edge. She feels waves of his hot, cum shooting deep inside her as he holds her in that position until they both collapse, sweaty, out of breath and exhausted, but happy.

Good morning dear, she says to him once her breath returns.

The perfect way to start the morning!


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