He didn’t do the dishes

She came home after a hard day at work and enters the kitchen to pour herself a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio but when she went to the cupboard to fetch a wine glass, her eyes are drawn to the pile of plates, still stacked up neatly just as she left them for him last night, ready to be washed.

He had one job, she muttered to herself. She worked hard making their spaghetti carbonara, his favourite meal, just the way he likes it, and the least he could do is rinse a few plates whilst working from home. The more she thought about it, the more she seethed with rage.

Forget the wine, she thought to herself, I’m going straight up there to give him hell until he learns to treat me with respect.

She stomped her way up those stairs and across the landing, vigorously pushing open the door to his office, determined to read the riot act. No sooner than she entered the room, he pinned her back against the back of the door as if he had been waiting for her.

Dazed by his broad muscular shoulders, completely enveloping her shadow, she drew breath ready to launch a tirade only to find he had already tilted his head down to hers and pressed his lips firmly against hers, forcing her into silence.

Like a reflex, she could not help but allow her lips to part. His tongue teased its wicked way inside her mouth. She could taste the spearmint of his toothpaste and feel her heart begin to pound as he looked into her eyes like a lion eyes its prey. 

There was nowhere for her to go, she could feel the door against her back and his torso pegging her back, pressing his chest against her breasts and the smell of his cologne wafted around her.

The kissing got more intense, his saliva mixing with hers, and the look of anger on her face began to morph into pure animalistic desire. He placed his two palms against either of her soft cheeks and began slowly meandering upwards until his hands were navigating through her long brown hair. She could feel the light pinching on her scalp, as he had her completely at his mercy.

Her body was beginning to tingle, her breasts were becoming more sensitive and her nipples aroused as he pressed his muscular flesh against hers. It wasn’t just her body reacting though. She could feel his bulge pressing against her body-hugging leggings. The material was not firm enough to resist his presence, and she could feel his hard member forcing her underwear inside her slit, teasing her body with the prospect of him penetrating her.

He started to unbutton her blouse, he needed to feel her body against his. She pulled his t-shirt off over his head, tracing the side of his torso as she went. Now the only thing separating his upper body from hers was her bra, that by this stage, she could not conceal her erect nipples any longer. Grabbing round with both hands, he squeezed her body further into his as he fondled for her bra to release the clasps that held her breasts in captivity. She felt the under-wiring begin to loosen, he had successfully released her and she allowed her bra to fall off her shoulders so that he could feel the warmth and softness of her breasts against his pectoral muscles. 

The kissing intensified even further. She began to imagine his tongue touching other intimate parts of her body, which by now were swelling up, anticipating him having his wicked way with her sweet, innocent flesh. 

He pushed himself back away from her so that he could admire her body, as it was clearly having a visceral affect on him. He stared at her pert breasts, her erect nipples and the curves of her hips. He could see the shape of her vulva through those tight black leggings, but it wasn’t enough anymore as he slipped his fingers into the elastic on her waist and bent down as he pulled her leggings off to reveal her soft cotton underwear underneath.

She wondered if he could tell how wet her vagina was. He scanned every inch of her almost naked body, as she watched his reaction to it, and felt the full power of her femininity. She had him under her spell, and she could get him to do just about anything she wanted to her.

She pulled him back up to her lips and he dutifully obliged. He was going to pay for what he did to her, and how he made her feel. She ran her fingers against the inside of his thighs, pretending not to notice how tight his bulge was against the crotch of his jeans. She looked him right in the eyes as she undid the button of his jeans with one hand. Now only his erection was holding those jeans up on his body. She felt for the zip and slowly released the uncomfortable pressure of his stiffness being held back by those trousers.

She was very careful not to overstimulate him as the zip came down, followed by the jeans themselves. There they both were, with nothing but their underwear between them. Now it was time to reach for the crown jewels. His legs were parted slightly and she traced the side of his boxers, not to disturb his erect penis, but to feel how hot his testes were underneath as she imagined the tension on his balls, and how badly he wanted to relieve that pressure. 

She observed his breathing quicken. He inhaled sharper gulps of air, whilst she gently rotated her fingers over his bulging sack. She knew that as she touched his balls through his shorts that her arm would inevitably rub against his penis.

It was no longer enough for him to feel her fingers teasing over his boxers, the tension was too much. He slid his boxers down to free his erection and as the elastic band of his underwear emancipated his penis, it bounced upwards, ready for action. 

Now able to fully admire the stiffness and girth of his member, she grabbed hold of it like a bird holding onto its perch. His skin felt so soft and warm yet his shaft felt so firm. As she stroked his shaft, she imagined what it would feel like inside her.

The stimulation was too much, he had to have her, he had to take back control of her body. He pushed back against her so that she had to remove her hand from his penis. Instead she would feel it pressing firmly against her tummy as the gap between the two of them disappeared.

He pinned her arms back, so that she couldn’t move an inch, and he pressed his lips against her neck like a vampire waiting to sink his teeth in, but his attention was soon drawn back to those pert breasts. He kissed and cajoled them before flicking the tip of his tongue over her nipples, making her groan lightly and gasp.

He didn’t stop at her breasts though as he slowly made his way down her soft, tender flesh with his mouth. His tongue left a trail of saliva, evaporating on her body, bringing her a chill. He went right down the centre of her being, stopping underneath her belly button, imagining he was kissing her womb through her soft tummy itself.

When he reached her underwear, he trembled slightly, imagining how good it would feel to taste her slit. He was not the only one anticipating this moment. Her legs turned to jelly at the sight of him kneeling beneath her with his hair nestled just above her genitals.

Wanting revenge for the way she teased his body, he kissed over the crotch of her underwear. The smell of her pheromones, driving him absolutely crazy. By this point it didn’t matter whether she wanted it or not, he was going to have his way with her body, by force if necessary. 

He removed her underwear the same way porn would load on a 56k modem, revealing more of her body inch by inch. As the elastic of her knickers revealed the pubic hair on her mound he simply had to kiss it. His hair was tickling her stomach and she resisted the temptation to push his head further down, instead caressing her own breasts and gradually parting her legs to give him maximum access to where she wanted him to go.

Her underwear fell to her feet to reveal that sweet pussy that he craved so badly. He forced apart her legs still further by kissing her inner thighs, knowing full well she could feel his head against her vulva as he did so.

He extended his tongue to it’s maximum length and followed the contours of her inner labia like a decorator, painting her labia with his saliva. She knew though that the wetness she could feel wasn’t just coming from his saliva and that he was tasting her as the tip of his tongue briefly penetrated the opening of her vagina on it’s way up to her clit.

She felt his tongue brush over her urethra and stop just short of where she wanted it to be. She felt her clitoris pulse and throb, desperately trying to draw the attention of his tongue.

Instead, he worked his way around it and as his tongue massaged her hood, she felt it tug against her, reminding her of when she first discovered the pleasures of her body, thrusting her hips into her favourite pillow. 

Her legs could no longer take it. She needed to spread them wider, she needed to be able to rotate back and forth to control the rhythm of his touch. He allowed her to step out of her underwear and leggings and sit on his office chair with her legs resting over his shoulders.

He now had her exactly where he wanted her. Her genitals were gleaming and swollen and he could possess her. From this angle he was able to sink his tongue deep inside her, lapping up her taste. She held the back of his head, pushing him deeper, and her groans of delight were starting to be enough to disturb the neighbours, only adding to her excitement and arousal. He imagined what it would feel like to thrust his hard penis inside her like he was her tongue. How good would that warm wet pussy feel? How much could he fill her with the contents of his swollen balls?

The deeper he tried to penetrate her with his tongue, the more his nose rubbed against her clit. He could hardly breathe. He was drowning in her juices. He had to come up and flick her clit with his tongue just to get enough air to breath through his nostrils, much to her considerable pleasure. 

She began to pull at his hair like a jockey whipping a horse into submission. He knew that she was getting close to the point of no return. He knew that with every flick of his firm, moist tongue against her clitoris that her body was getting closer and closer to an explosive orgasm and he was only too keen to oblige as she used his back as leverage to thrust her pelvis back and forth, forcing his tongue to press against her faster and firmer.

Not content with the sensation of her clitoris throbbing against his tongue, he penetrated her with his fingers, pressing firmly up against the top wall of her vagina and with the other hand, gently rubbing her perineum with his thumb in circles, waiting for her climax to come. 

Her groans became screams. If the neighbours didn’t know about the pleasure she was feeling before, they certainly did now, but she simply could not control herself, the feeling was just too powerful and too intense.

Orgasm was now completely unavoidable. Her breathing almost seemed to stop for a second and the noise subsided as the orgasm was about to breach. He felt her vagina contracting hard against his fingers, still deep inside her and the muscles of her perineum pulsated against his thumb. He provided just enough resistance to enhance and extend those rhythmic explosions she could feel all the way through her body.

There was no way he was going to let her rest now though, he pulled her up forcefully by the hand and marched her straight into the bedroom where he would force her to lay on her front on the bed with his arms wrapped around her chest holding her breasts firmly. Her skin against his was soft like talcum powder.

He made sure she could feel his member, still throbbing hard, pressing against her backside and she knew it wasn’t over until he said so. He kissed and scratched her back as she was still trying to regain breath and composure from her first orgasm as he forced her to tilt back onto her knees, exposing her soaking wet vagina.

She felt the tip of his penis slide inside her. It felt so fulfilling as he glided deeper inside her being. With every inward thrust, she felt his balls bounce against her swollen lips. He placed his hands on her shoulders to force himself as deep inside her as possible and she once again found herself thrusting her hips back and forward to accommodate the girth of his penis. 

She was so wet that he had to work hard to generate enough friction between the head of his throbbing glans and the walls of her vagina. The harder he thrusted, the deeper and more satisfying it felt for her as she began to feel her body tensing up again ready to feel those orgasmic contractions again. 

She held onto the duvet underneath her with fisted hands for dear life as that sense of inevitability took over and her vagina started to contract again but this time the resistance wasn’t his fingers but his penis. The feeling of being squeezed by her contractions was enough to take him over the edge as he exploded inside her, flooding her insides with his hot, sticky load. He held onto her whilst he waited for each pulse of their orgasms to subside, still inside her.

Both exhausted, they collapsed and held each other in their arms, enjoying the afterglow of a job well done, the tension lifted and their animalistic desires satisfied. He rubbed her tummy, imagining his sperm swimming inside her uterus underneath his hand. The thought of his DNA inside her gave him a great sense of satisfaction. 

Suddenly the dishes didn’t seem so important after all and she wondered how he managed to make her cum so hard. Takeaway for tea, washed down with that by now warming Pinot Grigio and round two didn’t seem so unappealing. 


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