The previous night he had been out with his work friends and didn’t come to bed until 2am and you know what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder. 

She woke up early whilst he was still fast asleep. He was almost naked, just wearing his boxers, not even covered by a quilt. He looked so peaceful and as she stroked his arm, he was nice and warm. It must have been a good night, she thought to herself.

Even a soft kiss on his cheek did not arouse him from his slumber but she could not help noticing, as he lay there on his back with his legs spread apart, the bulge in his underwear. 

She could not help herself, she gently stroked his strong muscular thighs whilst keeping an eye on his face to see if there was any sign of him awaking, but he didn’t budge. She wondered what else she could get away with doing as he lay blissfully unaware. 

Her hands wandered upwards towards his underwear and she felt his balls through the fabric before tracing her fingertips over that impressive bulge. It looked kind of uncomfortable, being trapped inside his boxers like that. It would have been rude to leave that big, hard cock there like that.

It was easy for her to slide her hand under the elastic rim of his underwear given the space created by his totem pole. She felt his soft pubic hair brushing against the palm of her hand before reaching the base of his shaft. It was just like a leather gear stick, silky soft on the outside yet completely rigid and firm. She couldn’t help herself, she had to grip the base of his member between her thumb and fingers, exploring his whole length but still not a peep from him.

As she lifted the elastic over his erection, she watched his penis spring back into shape. She began to think what that nice big cock would feel like inside her and she could feel herself starting to anticipate. She took off her night dress to reveal her pert breasts and erect nipples. If only he knew what was going on he would be all over her body by now, pinning her down and dominating her with his strong arms and broad shoulders but the fact he was completely unaware just aroused her even more.

She tied back her long brunette hair and stood at the base of the bed, careful not to make too much noise and to wake him. She slipped her panties off slowly as if he was watching her, they were already soaking wet just from the thought of him being inside her.

She managed to gently tease his legs open just wide enough so she could slide between them, kissing his thighs, then looking up to see if there was a reaction but there was nothing.She wet her lips with her tongue then planted soft warm kisses on his balls, imagining he could feel her saliva left behind on his body and a slight chill as those kisses evaporated. 

She reached around that big cock and kissed his stomach just above his pubic hair, his penis nestled in her cleavage. She pressed her breasts together against his cock as if they were her fingers, rocking back and forth. She felt him starting to ooze pre-cum onto her breasts. How he was still asleep through all this, she couldn’t understand. She was determined to wake him.

She glided her tongue against the base of his shaft, and licked all the way up the underside. She couldn’t be sure but she thought she heard a slight quiver but when she looked up, his eyes were still firmly closed. Maybe he thought it was a dream?

She licked the pre-cum off the tip of his penis to stop it dribbling down his shaft then she wrapped her lips firmly around his foreskin and sank him deeper inside her mouth. Surely the feeling of being inside her mouth would be impossible to sleep through? 

The power she felt as she had him in her mouth was exhilarating. Her heart was pounding as she slid her mouth up and down his shaft and finally there was some movement in his face as he began to bite his lip.

The urge to have him inside her overwhelmed her. She wrapped her legs around his torso and grabbed his shaft with one hand. She gently lowered herself onto him, simultaneously grabbing hold of the over-bed cupboards to balance herself.

She grinded into his body as she rocked back and forth with him deep inside her.The tip of his penis massaged her g-spot. She had full control of every movement, every single thrust as she forced him to penetrate her.

As he felt the weight of her body against him as she rode him like a horse, he began to stir and open those eyes to see her having her wicked way with his body. Seeing her hips rocking back and forward with him inside her and seeing the look of delight on her face as every movement was bringing her closer to orgasm drove him crazy.

He reached his hands out and fondled her breasts then grabbed her waist as she thrusted faster and faster, groaning with pleasure as she looked into her eyes whilst he looked at her body like a kid looking through the window of a toy shop.

The moment came where she was past the moment of no return and both of them felt her body begin to convulse and explode. He felt every single powerful contraction as she orgasmed with him still inside her, his hard cock provided resistance as her muscles tightened against him.

Her whole body was sweaty and exhausted, her breathing was fast and shallow but there was no way he was going to let her stop there when he was so close to cumming inside her. He flipped her over onto her back and grabbed her legs with his arms under the crease in the back of her knee and spread them wide so he could re-enter that soaking wet vagina.

His thrusts, verging on violent, penetrated so deeply they started triggering a second wave of contractions. Now the tides had turned and suddenly she was the one being completely controlled for his pleasure. She wanted to feel him fill her so badly, and she didn’t have to wait long before pulse after pulse of his hot load squirted deep inside her and she felt the base of his shaft contracting against her opening. 

In a state of ecstasy he collapsed on top of her, his chest against her breasts as he regained his composure and breathing whilst kissing her neck.

He sucked softly on her ear lobe and whispered into her ear that he must be dreaming. 

He thought to himself, he ought to go out with work more often if it made her that horny. 

After recovering their composure, they decided to head for the shower to clean themselves up. It wasn’t a big shower cubicle, but it had just enough room for both of them. He kissed her hot lips and squeezed her backside as she wrapped her arms around his torso, lightly scratching his back. He could feel her soft breasts against his skin.

He slid his tongue inside her mouth. The hot water started trickling over their bodies and she began to feel pressure between her legs again as he began to get hard. He began to lather her back with shower gel before turning her around to massage her breasts from behind. She bent forward slightly, perfectly aligning herself so that his throbbing cock pressed against her slit, still wet from before. 

It was an invitation he couldn’t refuse as he parted her lips and penetrated her again whilst using his hand to reach round and rub her clitoris. He must have been taking lessons as he rubbed little circles over her clit the same way as she liked to mastubate, only with the addition of his penis inside her and the warm soapy water from the shower.

Through the steamy glass she could see the reflection of the two of them fucking in the mirror. It wasn’t long before she felt his thrusts getting stronger and stronger and he exploded inside her again


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